GC controller, same revision, different circuits… Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!   Leave a comment


You Maniacs! You change it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

Yes, that’s pretty close to my reaction when I figured out that :

  1. On my 4 GC pads, only one is working with the nintenduino
  2. 2 I was thinking as original were chinese copy
  3. The second original one is not working due to a different layout…

So, ok for the chinese copy, I’ll have to adapt it. But WTF with the orignal ? They are both DOL-003 revision and, WAIT a minute ! After taking them appart, one is manufactured by Nintendo and the second one by Mistumi ? Another Chinese copy ? No, Mitsumi have contract with Nintendo so they can produce their own pads with the Nintendo approval and sell them as if they were made by Nintendo. In fact they are pretty close. So what’s next ? Will I’ve just ordered a logic analyzer as I don’t have one for the moment and I’ll take a look more precisely to the protocol. Indeed, they both work on the GameCube so if I can mimick the entire behaviour of the GameCube they should be working… Here are some shoots of them.

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Project followup   Leave a comment

A little followup of the nintenduino project.

I’ll be working on the software and the documentation in the next days and hope to finish both for the end of the week. Stay tuned ! 🙂


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Blog map is ready, now I can write the content !   Leave a comment

Just an update to say that the blog map is now ready an I should be able to write the content today and tomorow at least. So see you soon ! 😉

Nintenduino SiteMap

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Unofficial pads are in fact useful… for repaire !   Leave a comment

Yes, they are, with them you can repaire official ones !
My NES d-pad was dead and I have 2 non-official on the side so, let’s see what we can do with these little puppies ^^




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Nes and Snes interface done too !   Leave a comment

Yesterday I’ve done the GC interface, today the snes and nes ! For the n64 I’m waiting to get an order so should be ok around Tuesday 🙂


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